Urpu Ski & Mountainguide

My name is Urpu Hapuoja. I’m living in Isfjorden, Romsdal, Norway and I am UIAGM / IFMGA / IVBV certified mountainguide.

I run my little guiding company and work full time as a mountainguide (Urpu Hapuoja Ski & Mountainguiding). Every now and then I also instruct skiing. I also work as an avalanche observer for NVE and Snøskredvarsling .

I’m originally from a little town Ii in northern Finland, but I’ve been living in Norway since 1996. I used to live in Trondheim where I studied philosophy, sports and psychology in NTNU. I’ve also lived in Oppdal where I worked as a ski instructor.

Urpu.guide @ gmail. com

Urpu Hapuoja Ski & Mountainguiding

tlf. +47 92 42 27 98




Artikkel 2013

Artikkel 2013

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